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Spirit Anchor has a Business Listing which includes your business name, website address, e-mail, phone #, services/products you offer, business logo, social media links and city/state your business is located and more!

Cost for the Business Profile Listing is just $20.00 for one year. 

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     Profile Listing - BUSINESS

 Price: $20 for one year - 365 days from sign up



  1. What you get: (* Optional Fields)

  1. Your Business name

  2. Phone Number (will not be listed on your profile, for admin use only)

  3. *E-mail address

  4. Website Address

  5. Products/Services you offer (i.e. Reiki Healing Center, Arurvedic Institute, Metaphysical Book Store, etc.)

  6. Logo

  7. City/State Business is located

  8. *Social Media Links

  9. *Mini Bio/Profile about your business/school

Extra Perks:

  • Special thanks for joining Spirit Anchor on our Facebook page with a link to your FB page.

  • Promote events in your area.

  • Special Sponsor Ad discount rates.

  • Cross promotion opportunities available, please inquire.

Listing details:

Membership is valid for one year (365 days) from the date your profile is approved. Renewal notices will be sent approximately 2-weeks prior to expiration with a courtesy call. or e-mail within 2-5 days of expiration.

Dead e-mail/web links or phone numbers no longer in service may result in deletion of profile if we are unable in our attempt to reach you.


Subject to approval.

Payable via PayPal.



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